Who are We?

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We are Rickey and Jenny Cradle, and we live in Orange County, California with our family and our pack of Ridgebacks. We have previously owned other breeds, but chose Rhodesians for their many characteristics, and have been amazed at how wonderful this breed is. Our passion for Rhodesians extends beyond just owning them. We actively show and lure course our dogs, and enjoy taking them trail running, to the beach, and anywhere they can get their fun on.

We are actively involved in two Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Clubs. Rickey is a 2016-2019 Board of Directors member of the San Diego Rhodesian Ridgeback Club, Jenny is a 2017-2019 Board of Directors member with the Orange Coast Rhodesian Ridgeback Club. We enjoy giving back to our clubs by helping at events and working towards being better sources of information and resource for the breed and for club membership.  

Why do we breed? Because we believe in furthering the wonderful and positive characteristics of this amazing breed. We abide by the AKC and RRCUS Breeder's Code of Ethics, and strive to produce dogs with great conformation and wonderful dispositions. We show our dogs to prove the high quality of their breeding and conformation, and their numerous wins in the show ring demonstrate this, time and again. We believe in adhering to the origins of the breed and the breed's standards, and encourage our dogs to use and enjoy their native hunting instincts. As sight hounds, they love to chase squirrels, rabbits, and anything else that moves, and have learned to hunt together as a pack, as the breed is intended for.

Please take some time to browse our pictures, read up on our dogs, and learn about the breed. The Links page provides several important links to sites with further information about the breed and AKC breed standard, lure coursing, and the clubs we belong to.

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