Puppy Contracts






Each of our puppies is special to us, and we want them to be placed in loving, caring homes with owners and families who will provide an excellent quality of life and happiness for the dog. We take great care in choosing the right puppy for the right home, and ensuring our puppy owners have excellent intentions and the puppy's best interests at heart.

Below are samples of our puppy contracts, where we outline the buying process as well as the commitment of purchasing a Kohana Ridgeback puppy. We express not only what we expect, but what you, as both a buyer and a future owner of a Kohana Rhodesian Ridgeback, can expect from us.


We are committed to the dog's well-being, health, and happiness, for the extent of its life.  

Please view the samples of our puppy contracts.

These are samples only; Kohana Rhodesian Ridgebacks reserves the right to make changes. 

If you are considering purchasing a Show Puppy, please view the sample of our Show Contract for more information. This sample provides information on our expectations of our puppy owners, and our commitment to you and your puppy.